Due to a few recent postal accidents, an additional $1.50 per $100 item value is required for international orders over $30. This has already been worked into the shipping matrix and requires no extra action to be taken by the customer. Applies only to certain countries.
Yes, I've kept a log of all sales since 2010 although I have been selling on LJ since early 2005. Please see this entry on my LJ for feedback: http://aweofshe.livejournal.com/415424.html
Generally, the more expensive books are a last priority on my sale list. Product rarity and eBay prices are also taken into consideration...I try to be fair and keep it lower than eBay but still reasonable depending on availability or how much I originally paid. On books priced $50 or above it is encouraged that you leave me offers. ^-^ It is also acceptable to e-mail and work out deals on anything in the shop.
USA RESIDENTS: After full payment is received, please allow around 5-8 business days for processing and shipment. INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS: All international parcels must be brought to the post office counter, so I am unable to ship these quickly like domestic orders. After full payment is received, please allow up to 5-15 business days for processing and shipment.
No returns. All sales are final. Please make sure you are willing to commit before paying for an order.
Due to the complexities associated with the eCrater shipping matrix, the shipping charges for USA customers are usually accurate. However, INTERNATIONAL shipping charges have only been calibrated for orders containing 1-5 books. Anything larger will have to be reviewed and adjusted manually. Refunds will be given in the event of excessive overcharge.
Paypal and POSTAL money order. Willing to accept Google Checkout if there are requests for it. All payments must be in USD currency.
No. All items will ship once full payment is received.
If you are looking for a particular title or would like to buy something listed on my collection website, feel free to shoot me a comment and I'll see if I can help. :) Please see the following link for more information: http://skyrend-sales.tumblr.com/requests
Yes, I am willing to ship to most countries. If you find your home country unavailable, please contact me.
Immediate payment is recommended to ensure your guaranteed ownership of an item. Submitting an order without payment does not grant you any 'hold' over an item. Sales and negotiations are run concurrently via eBay and LiveJournal so an item may disappear if payment is prolonged.
Generally, most items are available but in the rare case that this occurs, your money will be fully refunded.
I am simply a collector putting up personal items for sale. :)
Generally, the answer is "no". I am not a business and thus only purchase 1 copy of any given item. You are free to contact me for a request and I will try my best to locate another copy.